Saturday, April 24, 2010

:::LiNe::: Sudeniz/Black Super Sonic Weekend Rush#2


Super Sonic Weekend Rush #2


Teleport Here
**the items will be available from 11pm slt on saturday until 12 pm slt on sunday..

see you in rush hours.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

:::LiNe::: Ecrin / Pink


And again a sexy dress ... :)))

For New Event *I love 69 ... Linden!*

* I love 69 ... Linden *

➜ ➜ ➜ Session 2 :

✘ What? 17 Designers - 28 items at 69 Ls !!
✘ When? April 21 & 22
✘ For who? Women & Men

You're not yet member?
Come in one of this shops & click the big picture *69* :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

:::LiNe::: WaterLily


Sexy Dress With Belt - No Belt Options

:::LiNe::: BengiSu/ White-Pink(Super Sonic Weekend Rush #1)


2 color Legging white&pink

Thursday, April 15, 2010

UNFAIR behiever from some creators

Dear friends, i would like to inform you about a subject which was realy unfair to me.

on saturday 10th of april the owner of Deetalez came to my store as she does sometimes(and at the mean time i want to thank to the creator of visitor counter creator that i could see how often and when she came to my store.)
She bought the dress which i designed for super bargain saturday and she IM ed me and started to blame me directly that i have stolen her idea...(which is not true and impossible)
i tried to explain her that in SL could look some creations look similar.But my english was not enough to explain this and she didn't understand me

if you compare this theese pictures  you will see what i mean.

Dress From Deetalez
Psd Template From LMC

i draw my design bymyself and i keep all my PSD files so if i would take someones idea why would i make this much effort to draw it and spend that long time couse some creators sell anyway PSD files.

Than Trixi Wuyts IM ed me ,She is Urbanity owner and Steffi's friends...before she IM ed i did not have any clue that a store like urbanity is excisting in SL :)
The funny thing is she was so nasty and told me that creativity is a key for a creator and which i do not have!!!!!
After this i was examin some items from her Flickr page . I would like to share some of it with you
All of us as creators know the first creator of it is the N-core and like i have seen she got this idea from N-core

Heel From Urbanity
Heel From N-Core

additionaly i have seen something funny which is she is the friend of Luck inc.and they have the same skirts

Skirt From Urbanity
Skirt From Luck İnc
dear Trixi creativity is the key of a creator and i guess you pick many keys from the others that you got a big bunch of key on your keyholder :P:P:P

After all they both (trxy and steffi) talked to the owner of super bargain o make me kicked out of the event.Thats why i was not able to join to this event anymore...

Trixi came to my store and brought CK with her to examin my designs :) than Ck IM ed me and he told me that i have stolen his idea also with my lace strip

Lace Strip From Luck Inc.

asked him why he sells the cleavage in his store which is not his idea ...
He told me that yes this is not his idea but others also makes :)))) This sounds funny

Cleavages from Luck Inc
Cleavages From LAQ

When i went to my store they checking my jacket with hoodie
i asked trxy why she made the same shoe as N-core??? (couse she has the creativity key!!!)
instead of Trixi , CK was anwering like first 3 other stores made it and so on BUT that is not the reason why they were there!!!!! so he agrees that they have stolen ideas from eachother which i didn't do

Hoodie From Deetalez

btw.i made my jacket with the hoodie in 2008 so i was inspiring some also yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

if i would not create my jacket in 2008 they would blame me directly.They could not but ofcourse they had to say something!!!!the answer was "creation date doesn't tell shit" :)))

The most sad thing is in all this trouble
We were in a very good hunt all together and the owner was not agreeing that i leave but i had to leave couse she has done alot for this hunt and i didn't want that she used her effort for nothing
Trixi  was shooting her last shut like telling to the hunt owner that i have stolen her idea from her necklace aswell!!!!

Necklace From Urbanity
You can check this pics aswell but i will not make any comments you see it anyway.This was just funny for me :))
if one day someone comes and says to me my goodness you use prims to make hair so in this case i guess all we lough like hell:P:P:P
thank you very much for your patience to read all of theese
zippir Kayo

Friday, April 9, 2010

:::LiNe::: WaterLily / Blue (Super-Bargain Saturday:14)

Super-Bargain Saturday:14

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

:::LiNe::: Vilma

Sexy Dress With Prim Skirt & Sculpted Sleeves

:::LiNe::: Cimen

Sexy Teniss Outfit
Zippered Halter Top
Mini Skirt

:::LiNe::: Betty


Sexy Mini Dress With Sculpted Frills & Prim Skirt

Saturday, April 3, 2010

:::LiNe::: Cimen / White [ Super-Bargain Saturday : 13 ]


Super-Bargain Saturday : 13

Only 60L$


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