Monday, May 30, 2011

New Releases


Hello :::LiNe::: Lovers
There are a few new product this month.Summer is coming, so I made for you outfit  with floral pattern called springflowers and also Culture Shock is over so culture shock exculisive items are currently on sale in main shop 
And after a long break, I made a new freebie called :::LiNe::: Tolay Hat for our subscribe group

Thank you
**Topaz/Black & Spring Flower /Brown-BabyBlue

**Tolay Hat Ad. (subscribe Group Gift for Limited Time)

**Spring Flower Ad.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Culture Shock 2011

The first annual “Culture Shock” event in May 2011 (May 1st – May 22nd) aims to be a large and important event for the Secondlife fashion culture. Celebrating trends and trendsetters within our business, and incorperating music and art, all with reflections of our own personal first life cultures depicted in our creations. It is brought to you by CHIC Management ( and sponsored by Modavia Productions who will be providing exclusive coverage of some of the new designs available at the event on their blog – – in the lead up to, and duration of, the event.
174 Store spaces will be available for the showcasing of products, including a mandatory minimum of 3 new and exclusive items each – contributing 50 – 100% of their profit to charity.
We will have regular sets of music in the second and third week of the event and on the opening day of the event.
The intention is to remain focused on the products, showcasing brands at their best, working with those at the top of their field as CHIC has grown a reputation for doing…

Culture Shock 2011 Venue Teleport Here
** :::LiNe::: Lilyum Dress 250L$

 ** :::LiNe::: Lilyum /Black 250L$ (%50 Donated)

 ** :::LiNe::: Topaz Dress 275L$  

 ** :::LiNe::: Topaz /Black 275L$ (%50 Donated) 

 ** :::LiNe::: Melly Necklace

** :::LiNe::: Sibel Necklace (%50 Donated)

** :::LiNe::: Mystique Necklace


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