Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Hello :::LiNe::: Lovers

I was talked about new dress at my last post They are avaible for sale in world now only for 75 L

Hurry up!! Dont miss :P


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Subscribe Group Gift

Hello :::LiNe::: Lovers ,

Today, I thought, we always making colorful clothes. And you liked colors like me :) So I decided to make our brand-new colorful bracelets . They are subscribe group gift for a limited time . I hope you like ^-^


**:::LiNe::: Sema Bracelets / Colorfull

if some of you to talk about dress, it is a brand new product and  will on sale this sunday with LazySunday event ; also only 75 L $

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

CHIC Birthday (CH1C)

We are celebrating the first anniversary of Chic with special evet called "CH1C". Keira was always with us . She spent much effort and time for organize successful events and she has made great events everytime.I believe that ; this year  is just the beginning of  and next year Keira will continue to create miracles
Thanks Keira And Chic Team <3

Come on, let's look at what we do for CH1C event  ^_^

**:::LiNe::: WildFlower By Zippir Kayo

**:::LiNe::: SittingBull Glasses By Joke Bubble

 Taxi CH1C
June 3rd, 4pm SLT: Bloggers access beings
June 5th, 4pm SLT:  open to the public
June 19th, 4pm SLT: close.


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