Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday @ :::LiNe:::

Hello :::LiNe::: Lowers;

We are participant Lazy Sunday Week # 64

Here is our İtems


On Sundays, a group of extremly talented designers put out a new or previously released item discounted to 75L. The items will be discounted at 12AM until 11:59PM all day Sunday! TP

down the list to see what each designer has to offer! If you like it buy it and move onto the next store!

Friday, August 12, 2011

YIBH & The Platinum Hunt 2 @ :::LiNe:::

Hello :::LiNe::: Lowers ,

2 Hunt Started in :::LiNe:::


**YOUR INNER BUNNY HUNT(Aug 13th-Sept 16th, 2011)

We invite you to our first hunt organized by **KoNeJiTaS VIP**.  Our 81 amazing stores have agreed to work with us to bring you high quality hunt gifts. You are looking for a $1L carrot hidden in their store, for more information please check out our official blog

**THE PLATINUM HUNT(Aug 13th-Sept 16th, 2011)

August 12th at 4pm slt, and it will feature over 100 established content creators on the grid. The earrings & pose I am using will both be available in this hunt till August 31st. More info

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bloggers Group

Hello :::LiNe::: Lovers

TELLAQ and we have established a new group just for blogger . This group will provide us to communicate more easily with our bloggers

We had to set the rules within a formation to be more regular ; These rules are not for personal

Here is the ** BLOGUS TELLAQ&:::LiNe::: ** application NC

          Hello Bloggers ,
  We realizes that you spend your time and your  effort on your  blogs unselfish.... you have a great role in our presentation.

  We  appreciate it all time....

  We want get the job a bit easier for you . So, We made new  group for only bloggers;   
   ㋡    We will send new releases , hunt items , discount items , freebies with info about   on this group,so you will not spend your time or money for them..
   ㋡   we will send new events info on group ( hunt , discount events or fairs etc)
TELLAQ & :::LiNe:::
    ㋡  Blog must be of high quality
    ㋡  Blog, MUST be written regularly and currently active
    ㋡  Blog must be at least 3 months old and have at least 30 or more blog entries.
    ㋡  Blog MUST be in minimum 3 feed about Second Life Fashion
    ㋡  All sent items MUST be Blogged
    ㋡  Blog post MUST include link store locations
    ㋡  :::LiNe:::  have a Group on Flickr, We’d like all your  :::LiNe:::  related pics added
    ㋡  We’d like to be added to your Designer Link List/Blogroll
    if you completely fit with these rules

Fill this out, Rename it as: BLOGUS Blogger Group [Your Name] and return it to Zippir Kayo , Tellaq Guardian or  Joke Bubble
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S:Blogs in the blogger group will be check at intervals of about two weeks

Friday, August 5, 2011

Brand New Hairs @:::LiNe:::

Hello :::LiNe::: Lowers

Brand new hairs on sale :) I hope you like they



Taxi to :::LiNe:::

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Releases , Hunts & Events @ :::LiNe:::

Hello :::LiNe::: Lovers,

We have left behind an intense week in Second Life .This week was very tiring because we've worked hard for the participating in a multi-organization.Of course, have made new products .I think I mentioned last week, I started learning blender ;managed to make  3 new sculpted hairs with blender
I hope you like they too
And joke (joke bubble ) ...
Among you may not know that She is our accessories designer.She is amazing 
She designed a lot of new jewelry this week
This week ongoing events
**FTLO Summer Scavenger Hunt (For The Love of ) (by Rhed Rhode)
 This necklace gift for FTLO Hunters :) We hid it in a vendor's ; and items which are already placed in vendor will be yours with FTLO Hunt gift... The normal costs of these products up to 200L$
So you will do slaughter birds with one stone.
enjoy <3

**OX (Ocio xtreme hunt) (by JoniDk Tyran)
This earring gift for OX Hunters :) Texture changeable with menu (11 colors) They can be combined with WeakestLink Necklace (XYROOM item)
**XYROOM (by Spirit Osmus)
We made necklaces for XYROOM.
WeakestLink Necklace; 2 version necklace (with bow and without bow) 59L$ [it can be  combined with WeakestLink Earrings (OX Hunt Gift)
Orcus Necklace; 90L$

**Fashionably Late (by Keira Seerose)
I reserve one of brand new hair for Fashionably Late event
Angelina Hair ; Texture Changeable ribbons & buckles (9 Colors ) , hide / show option for birds .Color Pack cost 100L$
Joke made new necklace
Notime Necklace ; 100L$
Taxi to Fashionably Late

**New Releases
New Hairs ; Tutus & Ezgi
Taxi to :::LiNe:::

 New accessories;


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